Life is Interesting

Life turns in funny ways. Where we are today, we probably could never have predicted. But we must be thankful for all that we have been given. In my own personal life, I never would have guessed that I would end up here, at Queens College.

Growing up as a child, I had always imagined being just like my father to go to Yeshiva University to study and become a world famous doctor. But G-d had other plans for me, and as things turned, I did not end up in that same place.

Who I Was

In high school, I had involved myself in things not so related to medicine at all. I had involved myself in more science type things, such as robotics. I ended up becoming captain of the robotics team, competing in the nationals and international competitions as the USA representative and becoming a champion. Those experiences helped form who I am. I learned leadership, organization, and a bunch of other skills, some of which connected to other parts of my high school career. In my senior year I was elected as the president of my class, just as I had been every year running. However, through all of my hard work in high school and showing all of my leadership, management, and organizational skills, the school had offered me the assistant student activities director position, a position never held by an actual student before. With this newly appointed position, the school gave me an office, a computer, and a phone extension. I thought then, that this was who I would become. But as soon as I finished high school, things changed again.


Immediately after high school, I spent two years studying in Israel. There, I learned from army medics how to become a medic in the Middle After learning all the necessary skills, I was employed through a program I never thought I would end up on. To my surprise, I had an excellent time my first year, and decided to stay an extra year. On average, I would spend 20 hours a day learning religious studies and volunteering as a medic. Those times helped form me to who I am today. I have become a very religious person who also sees how science and the world around us are intertwined. I find meaning and understanding in the logical side of the world.

When I first came back after learning in Israel for two years, I started my college experience in Yeshiva University. However, I quickly realized that it was not the right place for me. So I began my search to find a better fitting university. I happened to hear about Queens College from a bunch of my friends and became quite interested. Upon my enrollment in Queens College this past January, I have learned that Queens College has so much to offer to its students. Between its luscious green campus, to all the different clubs and activities that go on, Queens College is where to be. I found that the professors and the students alike share a genuine thirst for knowledge and care about each other. There is a certain unity that goes on at Queens College that is hard to find elsewhere. Even though, Queens College is a commuter school, I still feel a certain unity and connection to everybody.

Whom I’ve Become

The real question is what makes someone eligible for a scholarship? I can try to wow you with boasting all the different things I have involved myself in during my high school career, stating how I was the head of this, in charge of that, and that now I’m even employed by my HS, but it’s much more than that. It’s the responsibilities that I have undertaken of not just being a student, but for caring for my family and for my loved ones. I am currently employed by three different companies, Lifestar Response, my high school, and NCSY. In Lifestar Response Ambulance Corporation, I work as an emergency medical technician (EMT) three days a week. In my high school, I teach robotics twice a week. In NCSY, specifically the New England Region, I am the head EMT, and recently have been promoted to the coordinator of logistics and management where I am in charge of figuring out the programming for all 200 people that are on these weekend retreats. It’s the responsibilities that people have given me, as an advisor. I have become a big brother to many teens, someone whom they look up to. They call me any time of day, full knowing that I will always answer pick up the phone and be there for them. There are times when they go through difficult situation and I travel very far just to be there and help them through whatever it is. It’s not just all these different things that I do, but it’s the responsibility that I carry on my shoulders.

Aiming High

I have a certain drive in me to help people. It’s the connection between my drive and my responsibilities that it is found that I make a great EMT. I have been told on countless occasions, that not only do I have great bedside manner, but that I would make an excellent physician. And that is my goal. The one thing that has yet to change in my life is my end goal. I still want to be like my father and become a top notch physician, maybe not in the same field, but a physician no less. Another thing like my father that I would like to become is involved in nutrition. My father has started the first feeding program for sick children in the state of New York. He is leading the front in nutrition for patients, in and outside of hospitals. And I have seen how much nutrition affects the world around us. That’s why I have enrolled in the dietitian’s program here at Queens College. Not only do I want to become a doctor, but I also want to understand everything that is going on in the world around us. How the nutrition and exercise in our lives changes us to become better people. Not just in our physique, but in our general outlook on life and ourselves. I have seen while working with nutritionists, and other physicians, how much good they have given to the world and how much I have a drive to become just like them.


I urge you to consider my application for a scholarship, not because of the person I once was with all these different things that I partook in, but for the person I am now and the person to whom I will become. The person who is currently going to Queens College, working three jobs, and involving himself in as many helpful activities in our community. I am someone who strives and pushes himself beyond the limits to produce the best work possible in order to become an excellent doctor. With your help, my dream can finally become a reality.

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